Kinky Curly Wavy Coily

100% Virgin Human Hair Weaves artfully textured specifically for women with natural hair

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Kinky Wavy Frontal

This full frontal 13 X 4 matches our Kinky Wavy Texture hair. The base is made of medium brown French lace and is hand tied and free parted. Like all our hair, it can be dyed. Features bleached knots and baby hairs.

Hair Questions Answered

Your most frequently asked questions are answered here. If your question is not answered, please do chat with us live by opening the chat module or send us an email.

It really depends on the style you want to achieve. Generally speaking, longer lengths 18 inches and over, would require more hair to get the same fullness you would with less hair in shorter lengths under 18 inches. Each bundle of hair weighs about 4 ounces, so longer hair has shorter wefts while shorter hair has longer wefts...the weight remains the same. 1½ to 2 bundles should do a full head with hair that is shorter than 18 inches. 3 bundles are generally needed for longer lengths.

Yes, you can. It is 100% human hair straight from the source. KCWC Hair is sold in its natural state, in naturally occuring colors, ranging from dark shades of brown to varying shades of black. You can color KCWC hair to match your own tresses. Treat your KCWC Hair as though it is your very own. Use the same care you would if you were coloring your own hair. If you would normally get your color done by a professional stylist, you should do no less for your KCWC Hair.

Always remember you are dealing with natural hair that came from the head of an actual human being. Just as with your own hair, your curl pattern and texture may be compromised when using heat or chemicals. While you can straighten or flat iron your KCWC Hair, but use the same level of care as you would your normal hair. The curl pattern may become looser and the texture may change somewhat becuase of the steam process that was used to achieve the curl and texture.

If you are doing full coverage with all your hair resting, you can pick any one you love! If you are only doing a partial with some of your hair left out, then select the KCWC Hair texture closest to your natural hair.

We process orders within 72 business hours after we receive them. Once your package is ready for shipping, you should receive it within one business week. We communicate with you via email when your order has been processed and shipped. Your tracking number is included in your email.

Hair Information

Hair Length

Our hair length is the measurement when stretched, not after steamed textured into curls, coils and waves. Therefore an 18 inch length, except with our slight wavy texture, may only appear to be about 12 inches in its textured state. Please according lengths accordingly.

Hair Color

Our hair color is naturally occurring dark colors. Since it is actual human hair, you are able to bleach and color as you prefer. As you would with your natural hair, you should allow a professional colorist to color your KCWC hair.

Hair Care

Keeping the hair moisturized is extremely important. Finger combing is ideal for our textured hair, but careful handling with a detangler brush can also be done.

Read more in our Hair Guide.