Kinky Curly Wavy Coily

100% Virgin Human Hair Weaves artfully textured specifically for women with natural hair

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Shop Hair Products

Kinky Curly Come Clean

This is a sulfate-free cheleating shampoo. Cheleating is just a fancy way of saying it removes hard water minerals. The exclusive blend of Mandarin Orange extract will gently clean the hair.

Click the bottle to get it for about $12.

Kinky Curly Knot Today

This is a creamy and herbal leave-in conditioner/detangler that is great for your curls and coils. It helps to smooth the cuticles and remove knots, tangles and snarls painlessly.

Click the bottle to get it for about $12.

Kinky Curly Stellar Strands

The ultimate hydrating deep treatment! Enriched with Argan and Macadamia Oils, STELLAR STRANDS (TM). Take your curls from status quo to stellar. Improves elasticity. Reduces breakage.

Click the jar to get it for less than $13.

Kinky Curly Curl Custard

All natural ingredients for the ultimate curl definition and to give a mositurizing shine! Style the way you desire without the worry of having a greasy or oily look. It will not form a coat over the hair. It's a long lasting gel, therefore it easily holds on long for the rest of the day. Nourishes and moisturizes while reducing bulk and elongating your curls.

Click the jar to get it for about $20.

Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz

An all natural styling serum that will moisturize and revive your kinks, curls, and waves! A wonderful, natural alternative to silicone serums. Can be used as a daily moisturizer, curl refresher, and frizz eliminator. Contains vitamin B-5 to add moisture to your hair. Completely eliminates frizz and can be used to style wet or dry wavy hair. It provides a beautifully flexible hold.

Click the bottle to get it for about $12.

Kinky Curly Perfectly Polished

Perfectly Polished is a pure and natural blend of luxurious oils. It is formulated with argan oil from Morocco and designed to lubricate, protect and add a brilliant shine to your hair. It can be used as a hot oil treatment, and also as a pre-shampoo treatment, an invigorating scalp massage, and a finishing aid to soften, protect and add shine to your hair.

Click the bottle to get it for about $9.