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100% Virgin Human Hair Weaves artfully textured specifically for women with natural hair

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Our Natural Hair

We are more than our hair, but what a wonderful way to identify who we are. Our curls, our kinks, our coils, our waves, represent the most versatile hair textures in the world. Our hair can make a statement whenever we want it to. When we enter a room, resplendent with our coils and bumps, we command attention, because no other texture in the world can speak the words our hair can. Even if we press our curls, coils and kinks with some heat, a drop of water can revive the greatness of our texture. Show me any other hair texture in the entire universe that can do that kind of magic. #OurHairIsMagic #HairGoals

We were not blessed with this fabulous texture of hair just to destroy its integrity with chemicals ... and there is absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting or changing your look! However, if you want to transition back to your natural state, we are here for you! Whether you wish to put all your hair to rest after a big chop, or just add some extra for style and volume, KCWC Hair fits the bill!

Why KCWC Hair

Authentic Virgin Hair

The hair we sell is textured from hair...real human hair from real human donors, not horse hair or synthetic fibers. Our hair is sourced and carefully textured from real Indian Hair. Therefore, it behaves like real hair...and you should treat it like your own hair!

Perfectly Priced

Every woman deserves to look her best without busting her budget. We have kept our costs down to bring you the best prices for our hair. No extra costs added for models and model shoots. The proof of our hair is having it and using it, not professional photos.

Exceptional Service

Your experience with us is of paramount importance. You are beautiful, your hair is beautiful and so is our hair; your hair buying experience should be beautiful too. We are dedicated to ensuring it is! Connect with us anytime. We always want to hear from you!

Artfully Textured

100% Virgin Single Source Human Hair

We have carefully textured 100% Virgin Real Human Hair to match 4 types of the black woman's natural hair. Our hair is specifically for woman with unprocessed hair. Our process is very precise and our hair is not mixed with horse hair or any synthetics.

Our collection method is meticulous and extreme care is taken to ensure cuticles remain intact and the shafts remain in the proper direction as it left the donors' heads. This is necessary to avoid tangling and matting.

We use steam in our gentle texturizing process, never harsh chemicals. This gentle steam process allows the hair to retain its natural shine so when we say remy hair, we actually mean it. KCWC Hair is reusable for up to a full year, even if you color it, roll it, blow it and heat style it.

We source our hair from India where we can be assured of single donor bundles. If you understand what 100% Virgin Human Hair means, then you will love KCWC Hair because we texturize hair...from hair!

Our Kinky Textures

Kinky Curly

Our Kinky Curly texture is very versatile. The steam process that gives our virgin Indian hair its luscious curls also gives it the versatility to be worn as is or brushed and picked out for volume.


Kinky Wavy

Our Kinky Wavy is tame yet fabulous. When your natural hair will wave with a drop of water or with just a little coaxing from an egde tamer, our waves are yours to have and to hold!


Kinky Coily

KCWC coils and your Type 4 hair texture make the perfect match! This is as wonderfully kinky as you can get. Hair strands are very fine and very closely packed together.


Locs, Braids, Clips


Our crotchet locs are soft and flexible. As such it can be manipulated successfully into creative styles once they are installed. Like all our hair, they are products from real hair.


Bulk Braid

Your braid extensions should be kinky to match your natural hair. Wear them halfway undone and completely braided for an unforgettable natural look that says you at every turn.


Clip ins

Clip in and go with our natural hair addiions. Change your look as often as your heart desires... by just re-positioning your clip-ins. Find you look and style. Be hair versatile.


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